Update log #2, Morefood mod v3.0 - 1.7.2!

Here you can find all the info with the new updates that have been made.
So that you are aware of all the new stuff etc ...
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Update log #2, Morefood mod v3.0 - 1.7.2!

Postby Kander18 » Sat Feb 28, 2015 12:43 pm


What is new in version 3.0 of the Morefood mod (Now it is master chef)?

*Added Block: Chocolate Cake
*Added Block: Apple Cake
*Added Block: Blueberry Cake
*Added Block: Strawberry Cake
*Added Block: Caramel Cake

*Added Carrot Soup
*Added Milk Bowl
*Added Hot Milk
*Added Pork Stew
*Added Stuffed Fish
*Added Stuffed Salmon
*Added Sugar Cookie
*Added Butter
*Added Butter Cookie
*Added Butter Toast
*Added Raw Mutton
*Added Cooked Mutton
*Added Raw Squid
*Added Fried Calamari
*Added Onion Crops--|
|---> Raw Onion
|---> Onion Slice
|---> Baked Onion Slices
|---> Onion Soup
|---> Hot Onion Soup

*Added Asparagus Crops--|
|---> Raw Asparagus
|---> Baked Asparagus
|---> Buttered Asparagus
|---> Asparagus Soup
|---> Hot Asparagus Soup

*Added The "More food" Creative Tab
*Added Hot Soups
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