#14, The Master Chef mod version 5.0 - 1.7.10 #FullRelease

Here you can find all the info with the new updates that have been made.
So that you are aware of all the new stuff etc ...
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#14, The Master Chef mod version 5.0 - 1.7.10 #FullRelease

Postby Kander18 » Sat Feb 13, 2016 9:16 pm

| Master Chef 5.0 for 1.7.10: Full release! |


This update will be the one of the latest update on the master chef mod for version 1.7.10. After that, no support will be given on this version anymore.
I'll be doing some more updates with bug fixes and game-balancing.
I will do more updates on the master chef mod for version 1.8 and higher. The updates on the master chef mod for version 1.8 and higher will be supported.


- Olive leaves crash on the fourth stage (black olive stage)
- Waffle maker particles position
- Nori plant placement
- You could stack the stamper
- You could stack the sickle
- You could stack the cutting knife
- You could stack the butcher's knife
- The olive / mango leaves can be sheared
- Olive / Mango leaves could not be burned
- Cooking furnace GUI icon positions
- Waffle iron plate not rendering correctly
- The ice cream maker was turning off and on between items being made
- Cooking furnace did not fry a frost strawberry or perfect strawberry


- Chef clothing #Latest UPDATE#
- Max stack sizes
- All recipes
- World Generation!
- Waffle Maker (Custom rendered)
- Raw Pizzas (Custom rendered)
- Pizzas (Custom rendered)
- Fancy / Fast graphics textures for mango leaves / olive leaves
- Olive and Mango saplings
- Mango plant (2 stages before sapling, placed on farmland)
- Olive plant (2 stages before sapling, placed on farmland)
- Caramelized Popcorn (Put sugared popcorn in the cooking furnace)
- Raw Mutton
- Cooked mutton
- Salted mutton
- Leaves decay if tree is chopped down
- If you set your graphics to fast, the leaves will be non-transparent
- Mango/Olive trees produce faster/slower depending on how much light it gets
- Mango/Olive leaves produce faster/slower depending in what biome you are
- Mango/Olive leaves produce faster if it's raining
- Mango/Olive leaves will get a different color in a different biome
- Using bonemeal grows up mango/olive saplings
- Mango block (This is a block that contains the growing stages of a mango, which will be hanging under mango leaves)
- There won't grow anything on olive/mango leaves if:
1. The olive/mango leaves are place by a player (unnaturrally)
2. The leaves are not connected to a tree
3. Mango: when the blocks in the 3x3 area under the leaves are not air
4. Olive: When the block under the leaves is not air
- Mango pit
- Olive pit
- Rock salt can be obtained by smelting rock salt ore in the furnace
- Sea salt can be obtained by smelting sea salt ore in the furnace


- Butcher's knife: Since the butchers knife was useless in this version, it was removed from the mod (Until v6)


- Butter Churn (custom rendered model)
- Mango leaves texture
- Olive leaves texture
- Changed name: Nori leave -> Nori leaf
- Mango slices in ice cream maker in order to get mango ice cream balls instead of placing full mangoes in the ice cream maker
- Dehydrator dries much slower in the rain (Or even doesn't dry) {Place a glass block above it to not get affected by the rain!}
- Changed the ice cream maker speed
- Mod's version checker
- Updated to forge
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