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#27, The Master Chef mod version 5.1 - 1.11 #A Cheesie Update

Posted: Thu Jan 05, 2017 6:01 pm
by Kander18
| Master Chef 5.1 for 1.11: A Cheesie Update|


- Ice chunk (x3 Amount of Ice Shard)
- Bottle of rennet
- Bucket of butter milk
- Bowl of butter milk
- Bowl of cheese milk
- Bucket of cheese milk
- Bowl of cheese mozzarella milk
- Bucket of cheese mozzarella milk
- Stomach
- Wooden pizza peel
- Iron pizza peel
- Mozzarella
- Toast with young cheese
- Toast with medium cheese
- Toast with old cheese
- Toast with cheese spread
- Toast with egg
- Toast with young cheese and egg
- Toast with medium cheese and egg
- Toast with old cheese and egg
- Bread slice with young cheese
- Bread slice with medium cheese
- Bread slice with old cheese
- Bread slice with cheese spread
- Bowl of young cheese
- Bowl of mozzarella
- Bucket of young cheese
- Bucket of mozzarella
- Young cheese
- Medium Cheese
- Old cheese
- Mozzarella
- Cheese spread


- Ripening rack

- Young cheese block
- Medium cheese block
- Old cheese block


Hovering over the water-container in the boiler tells you details:

- Heath (Cold, Lukewarm, Hot or boiling)
- Volume (In percent or %)

Hovering over the ice-container in the sorbet maker tells you details:

- Volume (In percent or %)

Better calculations on the sorbet maker (speed) and boiler (heating time)

Crafting recipe of pizza now with mozzarella instead of regular cheese


Changed mango block sound
Fixed version in
Salad crop texture didn't render
Salad crop bounding box too big
Fixed soung of mango/olive saplings
Fixed sound of mango blocks
Knife couldn't get repaired with iron
Olives couldn't be collected from tree


Changed creative tab icon to young cheese


Ice cream cone -> Cone
Ice cream names changed to sorbet (ALL)
Lettuce Seeds -> Salad Seeds