#25, The Master Chef mod version 5.0 - 1.11 #Improvements & Fixes

Here you can find all the info with the new updates that have been made.
So that you are aware of all the new stuff etc ...
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#25, The Master Chef mod version 5.0 - 1.11 #Improvements & Fixes

Postby Kander18 » Mon Dec 26, 2016 5:24 pm

| Master Chef 5.0 for 1.11: Bug fixes & Improvements |

No log for update #24 (No new version)


Shift clicking on an item in the GUI of one of our blocks will place the item into the corresponding slot.
Boiler model is 3D now. Water in the boiler has an animation too.
Boiler changes block state depending on:

- how much water is in there (Changes water level from outside)
Boiler evaporation effect.
Boiler front texture changed a little bit
You can fill the boiler with a water bucket.
You can right click the boiler with water bucket or water bottle in hand, so that you can fill it (2nd option)
You can right click the boiler with an empty bucket in hand, so that you can empty it
When it's raining the boiler automaticly gets filled slowly, but it will cool at the same time
When dropping items into the boiler it will place them automaticly in the GUI (if possible, needs to be a boilable item)
Sound effects added to boiler, milk barrel & butter churn
Code improved a lot (No difference for you but a big difference for us)
Waffle maker takes dough immediatly and return a bowl directly after the dough is on the waffle iron plate
You can use ice shards in the boiler as a water source when the water is hot, (cools the water & doesn't add much)
Added snow particles to the ice cream maker when it's active
You can now get a milk bucket when right clicking a butter churn (when it has not yet been clicked with stamper)
Milk barrel can now add up to 3 milk buckets
Decreased the milk-related bowl hunger restore amount
Improved the version checker.
Added an mcmod.info file.
Changed the fast texture of the leaves


Ice cream maker changes state: The ice-amount meter from outside was at 0 while there was a little bit of ice in there.
Boiled corn was in the vanilla minecraft food-tab, not in the masterchef tab.
Dried strawberry texture wasn't on the correct position.
When using tomato sauce on a pizza, you didn't get a bowl in return
You could empty buckets & water bottles even when the boiler was completely full

GUI (Cooking furnace): Texture was displaced
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